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A snack food manufacturer needed to enable the contents of pallets to be individually barcoded for routing from the distribution drop point to individual chain stores.  The project enhanced the manufacturing and distribution system for this, and enabled EDI advance shipment notices to coincide with the labeling.

A major food producer upgraded to PRISM with JDEdwards.  The project mapped  4,000 legacy reports to the new system, leaving a net requirement of 100 custom reports, which were then developed.  Contract staff were obtained and integrated with inhouse staff to accomplish this.

A European theme park needed to integrate the operations of six hotels with a central reservation system and point-of-sale, credit card and PBX devices around the park.  The project accomplished this via system mirroring and the enhancement of the base (single-hotel) package with custom communications software.

A grower/distributor of flower and vegetable seeds needed to enhance BPCS to distinguish among varieties of plants.  This required extensive redesign and modification of the inventory control modules.

A software company, needing to issue frequent upgrades, needed improvements made to its regression testing engine, which was taking too long to use.  This project also evaluated the thoroughness of the data used and enhanced same where needed, eliminating redundant cases while adding new ones.

An issuer of mortgage-backed securities required "reverse auction" and mortgage pool accounting software.  The specifications were developed from a business prospectus, manual operations and legal constraints.  The software was developed incrementally on an ROI basis.

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