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Rome Solutions offers a complete array of IT services to help you complete your projects on time, on target, and on budget. We're proud to be an IBM Certified Specialist - your assurance of our expertise in IBM systems and technologies.

Software Services

Full lifecycle project management and software development for the AS/400. From initial planning and design through testing, rollout and training, we can assist your project team or turnkey the development for you.

Database design and data modeling. After its people, your data is your company's most valuable commodity. An appropriate data model - one that solves today's problems and anticipates tomorrow's - is the essence of a good application.  Since data models always outlive the programs that use them, getting them right the first time is of paramount importance. Otherwise you'll be saddled with problems that become more expensive to solve with the passage of time. We can help you develop a model that is best for your situation, and to judge the trade offs between performance and normalization.

Testing and Quality Assurance. Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) hours typically equal or exceed development hours, which is often an unanticipated result.  We provide QA that tests for usability as well as accuracy. For instances where sweeping changes have been made to a large package, we provide regression testing to ensure the entire package still functions properly.

Documentation. Documentation should receive direction from knowledgeable QA staff who have developed their own scripts for usability and accuracy.  Outsourcing this function is a good idea in order to provide a fresh viewpoint.

Capacity planning, data security and design of high-availability systems. System capacity designed to meet your specific business needs and grow with your business. System security that protects your data and ensures its availability in the event of a power outage or natural disaster.

Hardware Services

Upgrade Analysis. Assures a balanced configuration (correct blend of main storage, disk arms and processor) by modeling the upgrade using performance data from your specific environment.

Performance Review. A full performance review of your AS/400, complete with performance reports, graphs and a written summary; a Performance Review can usually be completed in 1 to 2 days.

CISC to RISC Transition Services. Experienced AS/400 Services Specialists and a proven methodology are the keys to a smooth transition from your current CISC system to 64-bit RISC.

AS/400 Web Enablement. Turn your AS/400 into a powerful, secure Internet / Intranet server.

System Performance Tuning. Optimizes the investment you've made in your AS/400 by ensuring that all performance parameters have been addressed and resolved.

Installation / Deinstallation. Professional installation and deinstallation of AS/400 hardware.

Communications / LAN Configuration. Assistance with configuring AS/400 comm lines, LAN adapters and Remote Control units within SNA, TCP/IP and Frame Relay environments.

How to Internet-Enable Your Legacy AS/400 Applications

Many of our clients have significant investments in  "green screen" applications that get the job done but leave them off the web or in the business of transferring data manually from a website to the legacy software.  Many older systems lack the security features to make access by unknown users a comfortable prospect.

IBM's heavy commitment to Java is making it possible to put "wrappers" around input programs that will handle security, encryption and lock issues while feeding verified data directly to off-the-shelf native AS/400 programs. We have mastered this technology and are bringing its benefits to our clients.

On Intranets, Client Access allows you to use Microsoft products like Excel and Access to directly manipulate AS/400 database files without cumbersome uploads and downloads.

The bottom line is that the "engines" that do accounting, inventory control, order processing and the like work as well as they ever did most are now "mature" products that need little maintenance.  Using contemporary technology to drive input and output to these systems in modern ways can get you into e-Business without replacing most of your software.

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