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Effectiveness Assessments
Rome Solutions consultants have substantial experience in all phases of the software industry: development, quality assurance, technical publications, technical support, sales,  marketing and administration.

As a successful software vendor, you face continuous challenges: meeting market demands, managing expansion, averting product obsolescence, coexisting with other technologies, maintaining focus while supporting diversity.

A Rome Assessment will ask and answer key questions about your business's status and future: 

  • Do your products have a viable market in the near term?
  • Are development priorities kept "on mission"?
  • Does your development methodology support a path to emerging technology? For example, can you readily furnish client/server and/or web-enabled versions of "green screen" applications?
  • Is key information well documented?  Are there individuals whose loss would seriously impair your organization's effectiveness?
  • Do you have an accurate database of customers and installed products?  Are you supporting more product releases simultaneously than your service arm can comfortably handle?
  • Are your wages and benefits competitive?
To answer these questions and more, Rome offers three areas of assessments:

A technology assessment will evaluate the implementation of your products, their development cycle, and the cost to enter and stay in a market. Recommendations will be made regarding the best use of your staff's knowledge and experience, keeping abreast of current technology, and selecting new development directions. 

An organization assessment will evaluate staff, the way they are organized and whether the right people are called upon to do the right work. The role of administration in unifying and supporting different groups will be examined. Recommendations will focus on how work is allocated, how priorities are communicated, and whether people are working at cross-purposes. 

A market assessment will evaluate the viability and likely lifetime of your products, likely buyers, and the ways that you acquire and pursue leads. Recommendations will seek to improve the positioning of existing products and shape new development efforts to follow trends. 

As industry attention shifts, it's important to leverage bought-and-paid-for infrastructure in new ways. Rome Effectiveness Assessments pay special attention to ways to preserve and give new life to development investments that may appear obsolescent. 

Call Rome now for a free preliminary assessment to determine which of the more specialized studies is likely to benefit you in the near term.

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